How Central Banks Are Taking Over The World

With Brexit and various elections around the world captivating most of the attention, the true elephants in the room are ignored more than ever, namely central banks, which are now pumping an unprecedented $200 billion (as in $200,000,000,000) each month into capital markets just to keep the global economy afloat. But this may only be the beginning as concepts like helicopter money – literally dropping cash from helicopters – are now openly discussed among central bankers. While trillions always happen to magically appear out of nowhere (no pun intended) to save the insolvent institution du jour, as important as it may be, some global challenges might have similar urgencies…

Unfortunately financial illiteracy is reaching new highs, even among journalists of renown newspapers (see the section about money printing here and the subsequent answer of the originator of the “fake” charts which I may somewhat want to reverse with this presentation by trying to explain everything in as simple terms as possible, even for people with zero background in finance.

If you care to get a glimpse at the heart of what some people may still call capitalism, feel free to come by and contribute to a hopefully interesting discussion. You are also more than welcome to join us afterwards for the usual beer or two to continue the conversation at a local bar.

P.S.: At first this presentation was supposed to be held at our traditional Monday evening lecture room (Oec 1.134) with not much advertising, but the interest seems to be wider than thought, so we have decided to make it more public by probably moving it to the ZHG002 lecture hall. More details will be added in the coming days, but if you are interested, please make sure to notify us for better planning.