Kate Raworth Guest Lecture in Göttingen – Doughnut Economics: How to Think Like a 21st Century Economist

Kate Raworth001

At the end of April, our student group had the pleasure to welcome Kate Raworth in Göttingen, to present us in a full lecture hall her concept of “Doughnut Economics”. In contrast to the current mainstream in economics – where the world is almost religiously explained by simplistic and unrealistic three letter models and where exponential growth “at any cost” is the highest good – Kate proposes a refreshing and far more holistic approach:


According to her “doughnut“, in order to thrive, an economy needs to stay within its ecological means (imagine that!) and at the same time provide a social foundation to all its constituents. Since current economics – in particular with respect to teaching – focus mainly on market interactions between households, companies and the government, the discipline misses large parts of the big picture and is far from apt to tackle today’s growing global challenges. With much eloquence and charisma, Kate presented us the above ideas and many more.

Unfortunately, we did not record the guest lecture. Luckily, however, Kate has a TedX Talk that we can highly recommend:

And a similar lecture to the one given in Göttingen is available here (1h30 long).

We thank Kate Raworth and Jonathan Barth for having stopped by and Johanna for the organization!

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P.S. Link to all the photos of the event here.